Materia Concerns – Final Fantasy XIV Guide

This quest is available after completing Practical Needs. Speak with Redolent Rose on the Steps of Thal at X14-Y13. He will have you go speak with Mamajaru on

Quick Beginners Guide to Materia Melding

In this guide I quickly go over the basics of materia melding and getting the most out of your stats/gear. I explain what pentamelding is and how to do it. For individual BIS stats for your build I recommend the FFXIV reddit which can be found here:

FFXIV – Intro to Materia – New Player Guide

Materia is a cool mechanic that you will get access to around level 19. *You will need to have a DoH class (Armorer, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Goldsmith, Leatherworker or Weaver) level 19 to meld Materia*. In a couple of the crafting class you will be given a quest that will require the use of Materia but if you were like me then this will be the first you have heard of it. This is a guide that will show you the basic of working with Materia including how to unlock the actions, how to meld Materia, how to extract Materia, and how to remove Materia.


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I’m playing Final Fantasy XIV online (Materia Concerns and Forging the Spirit)

Final Fantasy XIV online. This video contains the Quest Materia Concerns, Forging the Spirit, Waking the Spirit and With Open Arms. Forging the Spirit and Waking the spirit teaches you to how to create and extract materia. This video also contains the beginning of the quests Vox Populi and It Could Happen to You.

Final fantasy xiv Materia concerns

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