The King of Fighters XV Review


It’s time for The King of Fighters XV Beta! Besides trying out the trials for KOF 13 a long time ago, I actually don’t have much experience with this series, so this is gonna be a learning experience for me. Can the best Street Fighter V player master this game?

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The King of Fighters XV, also called KOF XV, is a fighting game developed by SNK for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 (PS5), PlayStation 5 (PS5), and Xbox Series X/S. This is also the first game in The King of Fighters series to use GGPO rollback networking. The story focuses on how Verse, the creature from KOF XIV, has caused mayhem and a woman known as Chizuru Kagura gathers the fighters Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami in order to look after the seal of the snake demon Orochi.

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My Honest REVIEW of KOF XV

KOF XV has been out for more than a couple of weeks, and now that the hype around the game has subsided a bit, I think it is the perfect time to make an honest review of SNK’s latest installment of their flagship series; The King of Fighters.

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0:00 : Intro
1:08 : Story
3:06 : Presentation
12:31 : Gameplay
21:20 : Roster
24:36 : Content
27:30 : Online
30:19 : Performance
31:27 : Conclusion & Comparisons
35:54 : Outro

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NOW OR NEVER from The King of Fighters XV

Enforcement from The King of Fighters XV

Like A Queen from The King of Fighters XV

Fictitious or Real from The King of Fighters XV

Liberty from The King of Fighters XV

How About a Trip to PAOPAO CAFÉ from The King of Fighters XV

KD-009q from The King of Fighters XV

Femme Fatale from The King of Fighters XV

Good Bye ESAKA -KOF XV ver.

Who Likes To Party” by Kevin MacLeod

“Aurea Carmina” by Kevin MacLeod

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The Time to Play KOF is NOW|KOF XV Review (First Impressions)

The King of Fighters XV is here and there has quite simply never been a better time to get into this series! With fan favorite characters returning, brand new mysterious characters and that smooth online rollback netcode, KOF XV really is the complete package…on paper at least! Let’s try it out now that the game has finally released and see whether it lives up to all the promises!

**Thanks to SNK for providing the product for this video. All opinions my own as always.**

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The King of Fighters XV Review

King of Fighters 15 is not the most ambitious or revolutionary fighting game to come out in recent years, but what few changes have been made to distinguish it from its predecessor are done well. Its biggest triumph is its great rollback netcode that makes the classic franchise a heavy hitter when it comes to online play.

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