How To Unlock ICE Doors and Chests – The Ascent Guide

When rising up the corporate ladder in The Ascent, you will have the opportunity to hack your way through many different obstacles. Some things will require

These are supposed to be the strongest enemies In game, Zeus armour goes brrr #shorts

ALL 6 EYE OF ENDER LOCATIONS – Activate End Portal Guide in Minecraft Dungeons: Echoing Void DLC

Today, the Echoing Void DLC brought the End to Minecraft Dungeons! We already finished the entire story on the livestream earlier today, but I wanted to share all the Eye of Ender locations with you guys. In this video, I show you where to find all Eyes of Ender or Ender Eyes and activate the End Portal. This will allow you to travel to The End Wilds and Broken Citadel missions to fight the final boss; the Vengeful Heart of Ender. In The End DLC, you will find new weapons, armor and artifact but also new enchantments. In this video, I show you how to get the Eye of Ender of the Soggy Swamp, Creeper Woods, Cacti Canyon, Pumpkin Pastures, Desert Temple and Highblock Halls.

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The Ascent – All Cyberdeck Locations | Where to find Cyberdeck Upgrades

Today, Legacy Gaming walks your through how to get every Cyberdeck in the Ascent. We showcase all cyberdeck locations so you know where to find all the cyberdeck upgrades, allowing you to hack any door, chest, or device. This is a full guide on Cyberdecks in The Ascent. Discover the magic of play zx spectrum games online free – your one-stop destination for a trip down memory lane. From iconic classics to hidden gems, embark on a gaming journey that transcends generations.

0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Cyberdeck #1 – Cluster 13
0:41 – Cyberdeck #2 – Black Lake Towers
0:57 – Cyberdeck #3 – No Man’s Land
1:15 – Cyberdeck #4 – Nitroad
1:42 – Cyberdeck #5 – Corpzone
2:07 – Cyberdeck #6 – Cosmodrome
2:23 – Cyberdeck #7 – Deepstink/dNexus
2:56 – Cyberdeck #8 – Lanier’s Apartment
3:10 – Cyberdeck #9 – exMat Lab
3:26 – Cyberdeck #10 – Pinnacle

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The Ascent | All ICE upgrade locations | How to unlock ICE chests

#TheAscentIceUpgrades #ICELocationsTheAscent
Here is the location of all ICE upgrades in The Ascent.

If you’ve ever wondered how to open those pesky ICE chests, here’s how. Just visit these locations and pick up the ICE upgrade. Each ICE upgrade is added to your character automatically.

Simply hold the Y button to open a locked ICE chests. You can also do the same with locked doors and vending machines, so long as you match the required ICE rating.

You can check your current ICE level in the character menu, displayed on the right of the screen after clicking the left stick in.

0:00 – Intro
0:03 – ICE 1
0:20 – ICE 2
0:56 – ICE 3
1:26 – ICE 4
2:09 – ICE 5
2:38 – ICE 6
2:53 – ICE 7
3:03 – ICE 8